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Dynamic collaboration between Intercool Hellas and Electrolux Hellas

Intercool Hellas and Electrolux Profesional have defined their dynamic cooperation in the areas of Food-Catering–Laundry and Hygiene cleaning equipment.
We are proud to announce the initiation of this co-operation with immediate service for you.

Intercool Hellas, is a highly credible company with long and extensive experience and presence in the market, and customer-oriented approach.

With considerable expertise and continuous product innovation products in domestic and international markets, constant development and growth is ensured.
Intercool Hellas is one of the major partners of strong brands such as Heineken, Coca-Cola, LOUX Marlafekas, SAB Miller, Friesland, Vivartia, etc

Electrolux Hellas SA (Electrolux Professional), a subsidiary of Swedish group, with an international market presence of 100 years and decades of presence in Greece, leads the global market with unique products and services and a professional equipment station now, benchmarked in the workplace.

The main objective of cooperation between the two companies is to offer high quality services and “best-in-class”, products thus enabling our customers and their businesses to be competitive and sustainable, especially under the current challenging economic situation.

Intercool Hellas undertakes the formal and authorized servicing and exclusive distribution of ELECTROLUX PROFESSIONAL equipment for the Peloponnese and Ionian Islands region.