Intercool Hellas




INTERCOOL Hellas can undertake all logistics work for you and your assets.
One 2 one placement involves the transportation and installation of the asset to and at thefinal outlet.
This service ensures fast and reliable placement of the units in the market, at the same time ensuring a detailed data base for proper asset tracking, reporting on number of movements & historical data.


The basic process involves the following services:

  • Warehousing of the equipment
  • Order Placement through our web interface system (AMT)
  • Administration and Order processing, through planning and coordination
  • Warehouse Pickup and delivery to the final outlet
  • Delivery and placement to and at the outlet
  • Unpacking and plugging in
  • Placement confirmation


Additional Services:

  • Removal (combined with warehousing, refurbishment & service)
  • Relocation to another outlet
  • On the Spot Rebranding
  • Merchandising
  • Distribution of marketing material
  • Signing of lease contract with the outlet
  • Sales analysis and feedback

We ensure accuracy and consistency through our online web AMT software.