Intercool Hellas




In 2011, INTERCOOL Hellas has invested thousands of euros in its newly established Refurbishment Centre.
The Refurbishment Centre, which operates under ISO 9001:2008, is fully-equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment and machines that can guarantee both excellent quality and great results. 
We can provide a full upgrade of your assets, extending their life span, to beyond the normal warranty period.

Refurbishment Centre can undertake to provide the aesthetic & mechanical upgrade of many different types of cooling units, regardless the manufacturer.
With the most advanced tooling and safety equipment, INTERCOOL can ensure the best quality refurbishment and safety control.

Successful businesses inevitably place great emphasis on managing quality control – carefully planned steps taken to ensure that the products and services offered tocustomers are consistent and reliable and truly meet their needs.

INTERCOOL use a strict quality control system to ensure product quality and outstanding performance.
All the material and components used during refurbishment are 100% inspected before use.
Every single procedure is checked on the assembly line.
All products are tested before shipment.